Marketing Dissertation Topics

There are so many topics to select. They will inspire you in creating your title. Marketing is vital in any business set up. Here is a list of them:

Type Title/Subject

BA Influence of advertising on the behavior of consumer
BA Branding and recognition of brand
BA What is the competition and the extent of oligopoly in the UK sector of supermarket retailing?
BA Loyalty of the brand and customer satisfaction
BA Social media impact on consumer purchase decisions
BA Analysis of diversification strategies
BA Strategic analysis of LA fitness and marketing activities
BA Methods of becoming intrusive
BA Strategy change analysis at next pic
BA Experiment marketing and how it enhances traditional marketing communications
BA The last year project
BA The consumer retail loyalty
BA Effects and impact of advertising on the consumption of alcohol by young people
BA Consumers evaluation of brand extension and role market research
BA How the growth of the internet has affected consumer behavior
BA Extent of strategic, ethical marketing and impact upon the consumer
BA Study on the investigation of consumer attitudes and behaviors towards ethical food
BA Female approach to the decisions of a consumer for traditionally male products
BA Exploratory study into attitudes and behavior of males aged 18-24
BA Comprehensive investigation of the difference in the supermarket
BA consumer loyalty in retail
BA Consumer purchasing decisions get influenced by celebrity endorsement.
BA UK supermarkets with overselling issues
BA Cartoon characters influence on children and the implications it has for parents.
BA How Zara sustains competitive advantage in Europe.
BA Amendments and how they affect marketing strategies for tobacco
BA Youth brand loyalty examination
BA How relationship marketing is essential in the maintenance of competitive advantage
BA The profitability and consumer satisfaction in the United Kingdom
BA Evaluation of feasible marketing honey farm coffee in the UK
BA Distinguish between creative advertising and direct marketing.
BA Impact of social media campaigns on the brand’s image
BA What is the analysis of consumer behavior towards telecom products
BA The consumer choice analysis
BA How to investigate consumer online shopping behavior

MSc UK mobile phone industry and delivering value to the student
MSc The retail brands and value offering in the UK
MSc Meaningful signs of advertising and semiotics
MSc Impact of marketing communications activities initiated by boots company
MSc Advertising agency from an Indian perspective
MSc Investigation on the concept of relationship marketing
MSc Roles of consumer relationship marketing in retention and acquisition of customers
MSc Investigation of how to re-enforce and protect a brand
MSc Impact of internet marketing on profit performance
MSc Role for advertising for fashion designers and companies
MSc Competitive advantage through relationship marketing
MSc Analysis into customer loyalty and satisfaction
MSc The consumer buying behavior
MSc The exploration into consumer awareness of fair trade products

MA Difference between standardization and adaptation concerns in marketing
MA Communication tools in marketing that affect the decisions of consumers
MA Impact of a recession on the behavior of buying consumer
MA Impact of marketing strategies on the behavior of the consumer
MA Factors affecting online shopping customer satisfaction
MA Analysis of factors affecting the satisfaction of customers
MA Effects of brand design on consumer purchase

MBA Strategic analysis of ASDA
MBA Factors affecting competition and success in athletic footwear
MBA Brand identity and how it affects consumer behavior
MBA Plan for a business operating in LGV driver agency