Great Ideas for Dissertation Topics

Choosing a dissertation topic is one of the most critical and challenging aspects of completing a doctoral program. In this article, we will explore how to find and pick a dissertation topic, as well as provide examples of compelling dissertation topics across a variety of fields.

How to find a dissertation topic

Before choosing a dissertation topic, it is vital to do primary research and brainstorm to identify potential ideas. Here are some tips for finding a dissertation topic:

  • Consult with your advisor

Your advisor can provide guidance and feedback on potential topics, as well as suggest resources for finding additional ideas.

  • Attend conferences

Attending conferences in your field can provide inspiration and introduce you to new research ideas.

  • Collaborate with colleagues

Discussing potential research ideas with colleagues can lead to new insights and perspectives.

How to pick a dissertation topic

Once you have identified potential dissertation topics, it is vital to select one that is both interesting and feasible to research.

Here are some tips for picking a dissertation topic:

  • Narrow your focus

Choose a specific aspect of your field to investigate rather than attempting to cover a broad topic.

  • Make it original

Choose a topic that has not been extensively researched and will contribute new knowledge to your field.

  • Be mindful of the practical applications

Consider the real-world implications of your research and how it can be applied in practice.

Dissertation title examples

Here are some examples of compelling dissertation titles across a variety of fields:

Accounting dissertation topics

  1. The impact of accounting information systems on small businesses.
  2. The role of forensic accounting in detecting financial fraud.
  3. The effects of corporate social responsibility reporting on firm performance.
  4. The impact of IFRS on the financial reporting of non-profit organizations.
  5. The role of audit committees in corporate governance.
  6. The impact of big data analytics on accounting practices.
  7. The effects of government regulations on financial accounting.
  8. The impact of auditor tenure on audit quality.
  9. The relationship between financial reporting quality and corporate reputation.
  10. The role of intellectual capital in financial reporting.
  11. The impact of environmental, social, and governance factors on financial performance.
  12. The role of accounting in corporate governance.
  13. The effects of international tax regulations on multinational corporations.
  14. The relationship between tax evasion and economic development.
  15. The impact of financial literacy on personal financial management.
  16. The role of accounting information in investor decision-making.
  17. The effects of fair value accounting on financial reporting quality.
  18. The relationship between accounting conservatism and financial reporting quality.
  19. The impact of accounting education on career success.
  20. The role of accounting in detecting money laundering.

Business dissertation topics

  1. The effects of corporate social responsibility on brand equity.
  2. The impact of employee motivation on organizational performance.
  3. The relationship between innovation and firm performance.
  4. The effects of leadership style on employee satisfaction and turnover.
  5. The role of corporate culture in mergers and acquisitions.
  6. The impact of e-commerce on traditional retail business models.
  7. The effects of social media marketing on brand awareness and loyalty.
  8. The relationship between organizational learning and innovation.
  9. The impact of supply chain management on firm performance.
  10. The effects of employee empowerment on organizational commitment.
  11. The effects of corporate social responsibility on employee motivation and retention.
  12. The impact of online reviews on consumer purchasing behavior.
  13. The relationship between corporate governance and firm performance.
  14. The effects of green marketing on brand equity.
  15. The role of corporate social responsibility in crisis management.

Dissertation topics in law

  1. The impact of the European Court of Human Rights on national legal systems.
  2. The role of international law in regulating global trade.
  3. The effects of intellectual property law on innovation and creativity.
  4. The relationship between human rights and national security.
  5. The impact of environmental law on corporate social responsibility.
  6. The role of alternative dispute resolution in resolving conflicts.
  7. The effects of judicial activism on the rule of law.
  8. The relationship between international law and armed conflicts.
  9. The impact of immigration law on human rights.
  10. The effects of constitutional reform on the separation of powers.

Dissertation topics in higher education

  1. The impact of student engagement on academic performance.
  2. The role of technology in enhancing the teaching and learning experience.
  3. The effects of faculty diversity on student outcomes.
  4. The relationship between student retention and institutional effectiveness.
  5. The impact of student loan debt on post-graduation outcomes.
  6. The effects of college access programs on student success.
  7. The role of community colleges in promoting social mobility.
  8. The impact of online learning on student engagement and academic success.
  9. The effects of study abroad programs on intercultural competence.
  10. The relationship between college affordability and enrollment rates.

Psychology dissertation topics

  1. The impact of parenting styles on child development.
  2. The role of attachment in adult romantic relationships.
  3. The effects of social media on body image and self-esteem.
  4. The relationship between stress and health outcomes.
  5. The impact of mindfulness on mental health.
  6. The effects of childhood trauma on adult mental health.
  7. The role of personality traits in predicting job performance.
  8. The impact of stereotype threat on academic achievement.
  9. The relationship between sleep and cognitive functioning.
  10. The effects of gratitude on subjective well-being.

Public administration dissertation topics

  1. The impact of public-private partnerships on infrastructure development.
  2. The role of citizen participation in better public policies.
  3. The effects of public sector innovation on service delivery.
  4. The relationship between public sector performance and accountability.
  5. The impact of public sector corruption on economic growth.
  6. The role of public sector leadership in promoting ethical behavior.
  7. The effects of public sector outsourcing on service quality.
  8. The relationship between government spending and economic growth.
  9. The impact of digital transformation on public sector efficiency.
  10. The effects of government regulations on business competitiveness.


The dissertation title is the first thing that potential readers will see, and it should be both engaging and informative. Remember to choose a topic that resonates with your passion, and take the time to develop a strong research question that will guide your investigation.